Friday, April 22, 2011

It makes you feel dumb

This past week has been interesting.  I am surprisingly unattached to my phone.  There were times when I wanted to text someone or give someone a call, but I couldn't because I didn't have my phone.  I still had a house phone, which I used more than normal, but I didn't have phone numbers for a lot of people.  I think that we memorize things less because of the easy access we have via our phones to information.  I used to have all of my families phone numbers memorized.  Now I only know the numbers that are the same as before I got a cell phone.  The irritating thing about losing my phone was the stress I felt. I was constantly obsessing about where it could be.  Going over my day, and trying to remember where I had gone. Compulsively checking pockets, bags, cubbyholes, even places I logically knew it couldn't be.  I went to the phone store, and it turns out I am not eligible for a new one for six months.  I was still hoping to find the old one, but now that option was gone. . I did find an old one we had gotten for free that was only slightly better than no phone.  The other benefit of searching was the cleaning that went along with it. I was going to do a post titled: Thing I found while looking for my phone.  Just in the couch I found my daughters brush, Candyland cards, a bracelet, play food, old popcorn, a new package of cross-stitch needles. Under the bed I found the Jasmine figure from the princess plays set and my Nintendo Gameboy. I felt like I had looked everywhere.  There was no where left to look.  I even looked on the security video at work to see what I was wearing the day it was misplaced and what bags I had with me.  I was wearing my tan pants and the brown striped shirt which is what I thought I was wearing before I watched the video.  I knew I had checked those pants multiple times, so watching the video was a waste of time.  I tried to think logically.  It wasn't going to be somewhere I hadn't been that week.  I really should be somewhere I would have been that day.  Where would I have put a dead phone?  I had already looked everywhere.  I kept coming back to the falling out of my pocket theory.  In that case it could be anywhere.   Again, I tried to think logically.  My room or my closet.  I had cleaned most of the room, so I headed for the closet.  I sorted through the dirty laundry.  I refolded all of my sweaters.  I made sure everything was off the floor.  It wasn't there.  The only thing left was my husbands pile of work clothes.  I started to sort through those.  The whole time I am thinking "this is such a waste of time.  It isn't going to be here.  I am never going to find it."  Suddenly I notice the fancy embroidery on the back pocket of one of the pairs of pants.  These are not my husband's pants.  I check the pockets.  Want to guess what I found?  Thanks right.  My phone was still in the pocket of the pants I had worn the day I "lost" it.  The pants I remember checking the pocket of.  I think that I must have checked my skirt that is the same color.  I was super glad to have my phone back, but it made me feel dumb to find it where it was supposed to be.  I guess I should have done that batch of laundry sooner.

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