Saturday, April 16, 2011

Phone! Where are you!

I have sitting in my desk drawer the first cell phone I ever owned.  I used it for about four years before it died.  I loved that phone, and I would probably still be using it if it worked.  My second phone I didn't like as much, but it was growing on me.  It did have some features I liked that my old one didn't have.  Unfortunately after only having the phone six months I lost the phone.  It was very irritating because I went back over the day I thought I had lost it, and I realized that the last time I had used it was at home.  That meant that the phone should be in my house somewhere.  I looked everywhere.  I cleaned everywhere.  I could not find it anywhere.  Days went by and I could not find it.  It has now been about two years and that phone has never been found.  I still think we are going to find it some odd place when we move out of this house.  There are also some theories about my daughter (who was just over two) and  a garbage can.  Oh course the phone's battery had been low when misplaced and was dead by the time I thought to go looking for it. I didn't need it while I was at home all weekend. I am not one of those people who are attached tho their phones in an "I can't live without it" kind of way.  I of course was not yet eligible for a new phone, so I had to use a phone that had been discarded by another family member. People that have phones that work that they love don't generally upgrade.  This was a stupid phone, and I hated it. I counted down the months and days until I was eligible for a new shinny phone of my own. 

I have liked my new phone.  My husband opted to get an i-phone.  He had wanted one for a really long time (probably since they were announced.) Since he was about to graduate college and hopefully get a better paying job, I gave in.  Along with the phone upgrade we added texting.  I was not a big fan of texting. I am still not a huge fan.  Partly I don't understand the point.  I would much rather just talk to someone. It could also be that I don't have very many people that text me. It also isn't something I can do at work since we expect the students not to be doing it during class. 

My phone started beeping at the beginning of the week.  The battery was low.  I kept meaning to charge it, but always forgot.  Wednesday, just before it was time to leave work, I called Thomas.  The call last 39 seconds before the battery died.  I put the phone on my desk and called on my work phone.  That night I again forgot to charge the battery, so I threw the charger into my bag I take to work.  I forgot to charge it at work. That night I finally remembered to charge the battery, but I can't find my phone. I must have left it at school. The next day I again take the charger, but I can't find my phone at school. Where is my phone?  I have checked the pocket of every outfit I wore this week.  I have checked the pockets of all my jackets.  (Which ones did I wear this week?) Today I cleaned my room, the kitchen, the family room.  I found some missing pieces from Candyland. No phone.  I still need to clean out my car.  I seems to have accumulated a lot of junk lately.  Why is my phone always dead when I lose it?  Maybe because when it isn't dead I use the ringer to find it.  Of course there was that time I left it in the pocket of an apron and then put it away and couldn't hear the ringer.  I really hope it shows up.  I don't want to go through the trauma of picking out a new phone, although I think that I am eligible for a phone this time.  You never know if you are going to really like a phone until you have used it for a week,  and they charge an arm and a leg to return them.   Well I guess I better go clean some more.  If you see my phone, let me know.  Also if you are irritated because you have tried to call and I am not answering, it isn't because I am avoiding you.  Although most people know that if I don't answer they should call Thomas since I probably don't have my phone with me. 

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