Sunday, May 8, 2011

Late Nights All Around

I have had some good posts lately.  There was the one about the yard, about Tristan's eating, about Isabelle's potty training, Easter of course (didn't you like the egg hunt pictures), and the progress in the basement.   What! You don't remember any of those!  OK, so that is some of what I would have written about if I had time.  The last two weeks have been crazy busy.  First off all my students turned in their research papers.  It takes me 10-15 minutes to go through each one, so that ends up being around 30 hours of correcting.  That of course is just the research papers and not anything else they have turned in.  I am down to about 40 of them left!  I might finish this week.  They are actually doing testing, which is a great time to get some of it done.  To show how busy we have been, let me tell you about our week. 
On Saturday Thomas was supposed to take pictures of my brother's family.  It was an outdoor photo shoot, and it got postponed until Monday due to rain, so that is how our week started.  We rushed home from work. Thomas was late because of a meeting at work. We took the kids to Grandma's and we went to do the pictures.  On the way home we stopped to pick up some pictures of Isabelle for her spotlight poster at school that was supposed to be done over the weekend, but we forgot to get the pictures printed.  We then we to Grandma's house to get the kids and look at her washing machine, which had been having problems. It didn't seem like a big problem, but it took longer than expected to fix. Plus Castle started and I got sucked in.  We didn't get home until about 10.  Late night for everyone.  
Tuesday was the one day we didn't have anything planned ahead of time; however, the washer was put back together wrong and was leaking.  Back we went to Grandma's house to fiddle with the silly machine.  After an hour or so, the great oracle (otherwise known as the internet) was consulted and they found the offending seal and how it should be installed.  Second late night.  I think that was also the day Husband went to the doctor to get  vaccinations for his upcoming trip. He got stabbed about four times. He complained all day about his sore arm and his Typhoid Fever symptoms.   Apparently they are noting compared to the Yellow Fever he is getting this Monday.
Wednesday  was parent teacher conferences. I had forgotten to tell Thomas about them, and he had forgotten to tell me that he was working a double.  Due to complications with the schedule he had to open and close.  Luckily he was able to come home and pick the kids up and watch them until Grandma got home when he went back to work.  It was about 8 when I got there to pick them up. Third late night for Thomas, normal night for the rest of us.  Normal being sometime after 9:00 but hopefully before 10:00.  Yes that includes the three year old.  She is such a night owl, and the sun being up later is not helping. 
Thursday was Book Club.  This is one of my favorite nights of the month. It is one of the few times I get to go out and socialize. This month's book was called Elegance of the Hedgehog..  It was an interesting book, and we had some interesting discussion; however, I was only about half way through the book.  I always stay later then I intend to because I have so much fun.  This month's book club host is actually Grandma's neighbor, so everyone else had played at Grandma's while I was gone.  By the time I got back to grandma's house, finished visiting there, and went home, it was almost ten.  Another late night.
Friday we had Tristan's 9 month doctor's appointment.  I went straight from work to day care, and from there I went straight to the doctor's office.  We got there right on time.  The receptionist however, could not find us in the computer.  Turns out that our appointment was the day before.  I know that we scheduled the appointment for Friday.  They usually give us a reminder call, but they didn't this time.  There may have been a small scene in the reception area, but we won't go into all that.  Suffice it to say that even though the doctor was not there (camping I think is what they told us) we were able to see his nurse who told us that there aren't any shots at 9 months.  We were also able to weight and measure him.  He is still 0 percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight.  We think he seems huge, but apparently he is still on the bottom of the chart.  That just means he is easier to lug around.  After that we went home and had dinner.  Thomas' uncle is in town, so he went to visit him.  I went to my aunts house to pick some things up that got left behind at Easter.  Then it was home to bed. 
Saturday I actually ran in a 5K.  I got up and rode my bike to the Jr. high were the race was starting.  When I was about half way there I realized I was thirsty.  Luckily they had water bottles they were handing out.  I did not run the race, but I didn't walk the whole thing either.  I would speed walk for a while, then jog a few paces usually passing irritating Jr. high students.  The race went past my house.  Thomas and the kids were in the driveway watching.  It was cute and he said they had a lot of fun. I finished in almost exactly 42 minutes, which was better than expected.  I rode my bike back home and got some snacks.  I started having tunnel vision, my arm went numb.  This was followed by a headache, which lasted all day.  We have decided that I maybe got overheated, but mostly was dehydrated.  This made my other Saturday activities (helping change the oil in my car and a surprise birthday party for my brother in law) less enjoyable.  I was also supposed to go with my husband to go see Uncle Bob again, but I stayed home instead.  I gave the kids their bathes, and we all went to bed.  The end of a very long and busy week.

Did you notice that the first four days involved going to grandma's house. 

Also, Tristan has started crawling.  He generally doesn't go very far.  Today however, he went from the office into his sisters room, where she had left a half eaten piece of chocolate.  needless to say, Tristan has now enjoyed his first chocolate.  I hope that things are better next week. I am going to post this and then go to bed.  The entire family will be in bed and possibly asleep by 9:30! That is amazing.

I  should also be getting some pictures up soon.  Is it too late to put up Easter pictures? I also have some race pictures.

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