Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Bud Needs a Space

I have not had a good post in a while, and I am not sure that this will be one either.  Part of my problem is the time.  I have trouble finding time when I can use the computer.  This is mainly because of one small boy.  Before he came along, we had two bedrooms and an office.  It worked out well. Husband and I had a room, Daughter had a room, and the omputers had a room.  Along comes my little man who must also have a room.  Since there isn't a room available, he gets to shares with the computers.  Now, I can't say that this doesn't have some advantages.  For instance, computers put off a lot of heat.  Having my baby sleep in a room with two computers, at least one laptop, and various other computer clutter, I don't usually worry about him getting cold, even when other parts of the house are a little bit chilly.  Despite this advantage, it has the huge drawback of being unable to use the computer when little buddy is sleeping, a prime computer using time.  I can only use the computer when he is being entertained by his toys, which generally only happens in short chunks. Frankly, I am surprised how long this particular moment has lasted. Not that he doesn't love his toys.  He also goes from perfectly fine and happy to inconsolable when he sees his mother. Despite how much fun he is having, he realizes that he isn't being held and he should be. Although lately I have had a harder time holding him because he has decided that I am in fact a jungle gym.  I think that we will all be happier when he starts to crawl.  However, that will bring its own complications.  Anyway, to get back to the computer issue, it is not meant to be permanent. The computers want to live in the basement.  The basement is currently unfinished and lacks a couple of key items.  1) heat 2) power outlets in the area where the computers will go.  I was hoping to do some framing over spring break.  Thomas was supposed to take a day or two off, but the person at work who does the schedule told him that this was a bad week and it just wouldn't work out.  (Did I mention that Thomas is the manager and is the one who does the schedule?)  We did finish up our taxes last night and we are getting a refund.  Maybe we can use some of that on the basement project. The biggest problem is really just finding time.  I think that is one of those things that needs to be planned and scheduled, or it won't ever happen.  Plus there is the part where I mentioned Tristan is getting ready to crawl.  Not being able to crawl does not make him stationary.  He is developing a fascination with cables the extend out the back of computers, off of desks, and anywhere else that is in his reach.  This to me says that something must be done soon.  He has become very talkative lately.  I can hear him now talking to his toys. Currently his favorite consonant is B. "Bababab Babababa." I did hear a "Ma" yesterday, but is was only once.  I tried to get him to repeat and get a "Mama," but no such luck. 

A couple of unrelated side notes:

1) I was really wanting something chocolate and snackish the other day, so I decided I would make brownies, "to share" with the new neighbors.  I felt like that was a valid excuse to make such a horribly delicious and fattening recipe.  After much anticipation, they turned out horrible.  I forgot to add the flour.  I have never done that before. I couldn't believe that I had done such a thing.  I had to throw out most of them.  The crusty parts tasted OK, but the rest was gross. It made me so sad because I was really looking forward to them and because they are kind of expense. (An entire box of butter, 8 eggs, the cocoa and vanilla!)

2) Saturday when we went swimming, I made it an entire  length of the pool without stopping.  I really wanted to stop, but I pushed through.  Now I just need to be able to do it consistently, then I can start working on going down and back, which most people consider a single lap.

3)  We actually made a plan to do some yard work on Saturday as well, and it happened.  Maybe making plans is the way to go.  I have a whole post I need to do about the yard, but that will have to wait for latter.  Child #1 finally got out of bed and is asking for breakfast, and Child #2 is no longer entertained by his toys.  He says that someone needs to come pick him up.  I guess we will go and make breakfast.

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