Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog, Blog, Blog

I am surprised by how much I have enjoyed blogging.  Both the reading/following aspect and the writing of my own stuff.  I often read other blogs while I am feeding the baby.  At this point I usually feed him in the morning and at bedtime. Sometime when we get home in the afternoon as well.  I get irritated when there isn't anything new to read.  I am getting quiet a few that I am following now, and it seems like they miss posting on the same day.  Then when they do post everybody does.  It's that whole feast or famine things.  One of the blogs I follow wrote a post recently about finding the happiness in your current situation. Here Since I read it, I have been trying to have a better attitude.  I even made my students write in their journals about the good things in their lives.  Today their journal was a free-write, which means that they can write about whatever they want.  I have some students who love free-write, and others who hate it.  Those who don't like it usually can't think of what to write about.  I told them not be bloggers because when you blog every post is a free-write.  No one ever tells you what to write about.  I find that sometimes there are topics I am excited to write about and to share,sometimes I struggle to come up with a topic, and other times the posts just ramble with no real topic. When I start to write I usually end up with a lot more than I planned on.  The writing can go in a completely different direction than what I planned on.  There are also back stories that need to told before I can get to the point of what I wanted to share.  I used to write fairly often.  I enjoyed writing stories.  I think that I did pretty good with characters and settings, but struggled with coming up with the conflict, complications, and other plot elements.  I also enjoyed writing in my journal.  I always wrote with the idea of an audience, maybe a granddaughter or some other as yet unborn family member.  I like the idea of sharing what I write with others. I love it when someone says, "I saw that on your blog."   I hope that people will enjoy what I write, and I will continue to enjoy writing it.

One finial thought: Babies are so cute and sweet when they are sleeping.


  1. You have a blog. Hi Gretchen's blog. :)

  2. It is kind of ironic you would discover it on the post about blogging. I have been meaning to let you know about it, but hadn't gotten to it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed your blog.