Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project Basement: Phase One

Apparently, I was right. Making a plan is the way to get things done.  Although Thomas originally told me he didn't have any days off this week, it turned out that the meeting he thought he had on Thursday was really next week.  I asked if he remembered why I wanted him to take a day off and he responded that yes he remembered that I wanted to do some work on the basement.  The plan was to go to the store for supplies in the morning.  When we got home we could start working and be almost done by dinner time!  One thing I didn't think about was the fact that our van battery was having problems.  We had to run it over to the Autozone, but they couldn't test it when it was dead. Consequently we had to wait an hour for it to be charged.  They didn't say the battery was bad like we expected.  It charges just fine, but it won't hold a charge.  We decided to buy a new battery. We can't charge it every time we want to drive the van. We finally got to Lowes at about 2:00.  We selected our wood and went out to load the van.  Now, I did mention that it is spring break.  Well the first of the week was a little stormy, but not bad.  Thursday it started raining.  When we came out of the store it had turned to snow! (It actually snowed for three days! I thought this was spring break - not winter break!)  We stopped at my brother's house to borrow some tools.  We then dropped Isabelle off at my Mom's.  She was having a grandkids's slumber party. We are home with all of our supplies and missing one child. It is 6:00 and we have all evening to get work done. How much did we get done you ask...nothing.  We made dinner (some very tasty grilled chicken) and watched Remmington Steele.  When Isabelle is here she almost always insists that watch Star Trek, so we thought we would take advantage of her absence to watch something else.

Day two was Saturday.  Again we have the whole day ahead of us and I thought that we could jump in and get a lot done.  Thomas got out his measuring tape and measured.  Then he measured some more. Then he thought about his measurements. I wanted to start cutting boards.  He said that we had to have a plan, or we would ruin our wood.  I would have disagreed with him.  How hard can framing be, but the wall we are starting on has two pipes, so it actually is kind of complicated. So instead of cutting wood, we made a plan.  After a while I decided that making a plan was not a two person job and I went upstairs to clean. Finally after more measuring, planning, and watching some videos on the internet, some boards did get cut. He finished what is probably the most complicated part of the wall.  So the one day I thought it would take for this part of the project will probably be several more, but I am super excited that we have started.  That we have moved past the thinking about it stage.   Also while Thomas was working Isabelle made a castle and played princesses (her favorite activity) while her daddy worked.  It was very cute.

Friday night we had started watching Sound of Music.  We were almost half way when Thomas' brother called.  They were having a brothers night and watching True Grit.  He had forgotten all about it. We paused the movie and he went to meet his brothers.  I tried to watch my own movie, but I was too tired, so I just went to bed.  Saturday when we were tired of working we finished watching Sound of Music. I really enjoyed the movie.  My daughter liked it too, at least the parts where they were singing or wearing fancy dresses.  Her favorite part was the wedding where Maria became a princess (because of the fancy dress) and got to be with her prince. 

On the whole I am pleased with the progress we made on this first phase of working.  Hopefully we can get more done in the weeks to come and it won't be one of those never ending projects.

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