Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Today I had my first swimming lessons.  I will have them twice a week for three weeks.  It is a one-on-one class, meaning that the instructor gives us some group instruction, but spends most of the time working with us individually.  What do we do when she isn't working with us?  We practice, of course.  I was either the best one in the class or the most invisible because she worked with me the least.  I was trying to work on my breathing.  I know how to swim; it is the putting it into practice that isn't working for me.  I can do the crawl; I just can't do it while I breathe.  I found that I naturally breathe through my nose.  This does not work well when your nose is full of water.  I had to concentrate really hard to remember to blow out my nose and in my mouth.  Maybe it was playing the flute that messed me up.  It was always in the nose and out the mouth. 

One other item of interest.  Some of you may remember that I got a new swimsuit, workout shoes and swim cap for my birthday.  I remembered why I don't like shopping online when both the shoes and the suit didn't fit.  I was able  to sell the shoes to a girl in my aerobics class, but I still have a very nice size 24 Speedo swimsuit.  That is equivalent to someone about age 10.  If you know anyone looking for a suit that size let me know.  Anyway, the only one of my birthday presents that wasn't the wrong size was my cap.  Thomas got the cap to match my suit, but since I got a new suit - it no longer matches.  I finally wore my cap today for the first time. I couldn't get it on, and  I kind of felt silly about wearing it.  I decided to just leave it on the side of the pool.  However, I did not put up my short hair, and it was getting everywhere.  I decided to try the cap again.  I learned today that swim caps are tricky to put on.  I think that I needed another hand of two.  I never did get my hair in it.  It just held my hair down. I will have to have Thomas give me lessons on how to don a swim cap. We will have to see how Thursday goes.

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