Monday, March 14, 2011

My Weekend

This has been a great weekend.  Part of that was because it started a day early!  My sister decided that it was time for her to go through the temple.  Her session was at 2:00.  This meant that I had to miss some of work, but not all of it.  I really wanted to take the whole day, so I did.  What is the point of hording your personal days?  What if I never get to use them and they just go to waste?  I have been a little overwhelmed lately with all they things I am supposed to be working on.  I spent my day catching up on stuff for work and doing laundry.  I know, not the best use of a personal day, but it helped me feel less bogged down.  Thomas came home early and we drove to Ogden together.  I took my endowments out in the Ogden Temple as well, so it was fun to think back to my first experience.  Also it was nice to get a chance to go through one more time before the temple is closed, remodeled and then not quite the same place.  My talked to one of the temple workers about it.  They said that they are taking away most of the current building and redoing it.  They will leave some of the original building however so that it will retain the spirit of what took place there before.  If they razed it, that spirit wouldn't have anywhere to go and would be lost.  I thought that was an interesting idea, and it made sense.  After we went to dinner at Mimi's Cafe.  I have only been there once before, so I didn't have a favorite thing. I tend to get the same thing every time I go to a restaurant.  I don't like paying for something I might not like.  Thomas wouldn't let me get the turkey breast, (which is what I got the one other time I was there, and what I usually get at Marie Callendars) so I got pork chops in a honey mustard glaze.  It wasn't my favorite, but it was pretty good.  After that we headed home to relieve my sister-in-law who was watching the kids.  I really appreciated her, especially since we took longer that I thought we would.

Saturday was mostly a work day.  I finished up one of my work projects, did a bit more laundry, and cleaned the house.  I didn't get everything done that I wanted too, but it was a pretty good chunk.  The upstairs was pretty much finished, (it feels so nice to have it clean and vacuumed.) I almost had the kitchen clean, but then I found my cookie cutters and I asked Isabelle if she wanted to make cookies.  What three year old would say no to that? Instead of finishing cleaning, I made a mess.  She had fun though.  She usually makes cookies with her daddy.  She like to sit on the counter and either watch or help pour stuff into the mixer.  We made sugar cookies, which was a new experience for her.I rolled out the dough, and then she helped me cut out the shapes. I haven't made them in a really long time, and the first set didn't turn out.  They didn't have enough flour, so they stuck to the counter.  Instead of shapes they came out as globs.  I added some flour, and the second set worked much better.  When the trays were full we put the rest of the dough in the fridge. We are partial to cookie dough at our house.  Isabelle, wanted to take a glob of it up to here room.  I told her it had to stay in the kitchen.  She left the dough on the table and went up to here room.  I could hear her rummaging around, then she came back with her play rolling pin.  She rolled out her little piece of dough and cut it with her plastic knife.  It was really cute.  She has had the cooking set for a while, but I don't think she realized before what the rolling pin was for.

My mother-in-law has been having trouble with her internet, so Tristan and Thomas went to grandma's house to help.  Isabelle and I went shopping.  I have been having some closet issues lately.  Several shirts that I like and wear often developed holes (all in the same spot - which I found interesting and puzzling) We headed to Old Navy.  It happens to be time for their stock up sale! Thomas was worried about me going shopping because I don't really like it, especially when I can't find things that I am looking for.  When I pulled in the parking lot and saw the sign for the sale, I was confident it would be a productive trip.  The t-shirts were on sale for $5.00.  I was a little disappointed in their selection.  They had a lot of funny colors and not as many good colors.  I ended up getting a navy and white striped shirt.  The tank tops were also on sale for $5.00, which was very exciting because they are usually $10.00. I never understood why the tank tops were more than the t-shirts.  We got Isabelle a pair of shoes and a pair of flip flops for the summer.  I also got Tristan socks.  I debated about what size to get.  The 0-6 month ones fit him pretty good, but he is 7 months old.  The 6-12 month ones looked huge.  It is better to be too big than too small, so I ended up with the bigger size.  They are a bit big, but he will grow into them.  All in all, it was a pretty good shopping trip.

That evening we watched The Truman Show.We got it for Christmas last year and hadn't watched it.  I hadn't seen it since it was in the theaters.  It is a pretty fun film.  Not at all a typical Jim Carry film, although he still has a few moments.  Isabelle fell asleep on her daddy's lap and we carried her up to bed.  As we were getting ourselves ready for bed Thomas reminded me that it was daylight savings. Yeah!  We get to get up early.  Despite that, we were both close to the end of the books we were reading and staying up latter then we should have.  I finished Jacob Have I Loved, which I knew was about a set of twins, but I thought it also had to do with a boy named Jacob.  When I was halfway through the book and Jacob had not shown up, I started wondering what else the title could mean.  I decided that maybe it was a reference to Jacob in the bible.  About 50 pages latter it quoted a scripture about Jacob and Esau.  I was so proud of myself for figuring it our ahead of time.  Anyway, it wasn't my favorite book, but it was interesting.  It did win a Newbery Medal.

Sunday was daylight savings.  Thomas looked at his watch, which is atomic and updates automatically, and thought he had plenty of time.  When he got out of the shower, I told him that church had started.  He told me I was wrong and went around to various clocks to prove me wrong.  Apparently only half of his atomic clocks updated.  I thought it was pretty funny.  On the whole it was a nice day. I even went for a walk with the grandkids. They love their walks, and it helps get their energy out before family dinners. 

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