Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Presidents Weekend

It was Presidents Day weekend.  I wanted to share some of the things I accomplished

  • Cleaned my bedroom
  • Cleaned the family room
  • Cleaned the office/ baby room
  • Worked on the kitchen, but didn't get it all the way finished
  • Did several batches of Laundry and put them away
  • Worked on homeowork
  • Played a game with my family
  • Cooked dinner for my family (brothers and sisters and thier kids)
  • Took a long nap
I felt very productive this weekend, and I had fun.  I think that every weekend should be a long weekend.  The only think I should have done and didn't was go to aerobics.  I didn't make it on Saturday like I usually do, so I made arrangements to go on Monday.  I then slept in instead of getting up.  It was good though to get some extra sleep, and I know my daughter needed it too.

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