Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I do not like mold.  I do like finding mold places it should not be.  This could be part of why I don't like cleaning out the fridge.  Mold is smelly and gross; although it does sometimes has a surprising array of colors. Once, when I was younger, I got a container of sour cream out of the fridge.  I opened it enough to see that there were green spots and went running away crying, "Eww, Ewww, Eww."  My mother came to investigate.  She opened the container and started laughing.  It wasn't sour cream after all but leftovers in the form of white sauce with peas.  I felt silly for thinking that it was the dreaded mold.  Another experience that I think is a little surprising is when I found a piece of bread in the cupboard that was just starting to mold. rather tan get upset (my normal mode of operation, as illustrated above, I asked my sister if she had done the mold unit in her biology class yet.  She had not, and I knew the teacher offered extra credit for mold samples.  I put the moldy bread away in an out of the way cupboard.  A few weeks later, My sister said she needed a mold sample for school.  Out came the very moldy bread. She had the best mold sample.  Now the real point of this post is not reminiscence, but a current problem.  Sippy Cups!  My daughter has a problem returning the cups to the kitchen when she is finished with them.  Generally she loves milk.  We discover cups under the bed that have been there for days, sometimes weeks. We take them down to the kitchen and open them up to rinse them out.  You are hit with this overwhelming urge to barf and run from the room to get some fresh air. Lately, my daughter has been constipated.  In an effort to help with that we have been giving her fruit juice instead of milk.  Juice does not curdle and smell the way that milk does.  It molds. Even cups that are only a couple days old have these patties of green and yellow.  Most of our cups are cheap disposables.  Our nice cups got left in the office for a week and they both had black mold coating the inside.  I couldn't hardly stand to rinse them out. I am thinking about throwing them away; although, my mother-in-law says that bleach works.  I am considering getting rid of the cups altogether.  After all she is three and doesn't really need them any more. When asked when she will be big enough for regular, she responds with,  "In three days."  One of her most common responses to any question.

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