Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Family

I have been meaning to do this since I started my blog, but hadn't gotten the chance.  I want to introduce my family.  I am still deciding how public I want this blog to be and how much I am going to share.  I personally like to share.  Sometimes I am told that I share a little too much.  I would like to publish a book someday and be a famous author, and then I am sure people will know more about me than I would like them too. 
My husband is a fairly private person.  He is reserved in what he shares, even with family.  He is good at keeping secrets, which I find very irritating at times.  One of his hobbies is photography.  He has some amazing pictures.  I personally like the pictures of family.  He is more interested in nature.  I accuse him of not taking pictures of people, but he says it is about 50/50.  You can check out his pictures on his Flicker Page.  His online name is Thomas, so that is the name I will use for him on this blog. 
I have two children.  My daughter is almost four.  Some adjectives to describe her would be sweet, silly, adorable, and loving, as well as, irritating, obstinate, and opinionated. She can go from cute to hysterical in seconds and back again.  We love her a lot, but some times she really does drive us crazy. Her current obsession is anything related to the Disney princesses.
My son is seven months old.  He is one of the sweetest babies I have ever met.  My cousin recently told me at a family get together that she had heard the term happy baby, but she didn't know they exist. He really is a happy baby.  Just like all babies though he does get cranky when he is tired or hungry, and he is hungry all the time!  It has been fun to see him grow and change.  He definitely is starting to get a personality all his own, which is so different from his sister. I am not sure if this might end up being a bad thing, but around the house he gets called brother more than his actual name. I am still deciding if I will use their names, pseudonyms, or just keep referring to them as my daughter and son.  I will probably go with alternate names...but what?

Here is a picture of the four of us that we did for our Christmas cards, which I never got sent out. 

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