Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Theater Experience

I don't think that I have seen a movie in the theater since Toy Story last summer. I wanted to see True Grit, but never made it.  Oh wait, we saw Tangled at the Kaysville Theatre. It is such a difference from the days when I saw almost every movie of interest.  We went once a month or more.  For the big ones we went opening day.  Then children happened I guess.  I remember the summer my daughter was born.  Pirates came out, and Harry Potter, and several others we had been waiting for that I can't remember now.  The only movie we saw was Fantastic four.  We chose to see it because it was short enough to feed the baby, go to the movie, and make it back in time for the next feeding.  The others were all too long. 

Yesterday was our anniversary and I decided it would be fun to see a movie.  I asked Thomas if anything good was playing. He responded with "Pirates starts today." In my previous life I would have known that already.  We did not see pirates due to the fact that a good number of seats had been prepurchased.  Again, something we used to do.  We wanted to see a movie and sit together.  We ended up seeing Thor.  It was fun seeing all the people lined up for pirates.  It filled me with nostalgia.  I think that part of that too was the recent anniversary of Star Wars, and reminiscing about waiting in line for that (both to buy tickets and again to see the movie.)  I thought that Thor was pretty good.  It was not quite what I was expecting, but still good. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it looked dumb.  Then I found out it was directed by Kenneth Branaugh and had Natalie Portman in it. I thought the movie was about Norse mythology, so I was confused when the movie opens up with a truck in the New Mexico desert.  I should have realized, but it is Norse Mythology comic book style. It made me want to know more about the actual mythology. One of my biggest issues with the movie was its Norseness. The names are difficult to remember.  There were several characters whose name they only said once or twice and you were like "What was that?" I think that if I was going to complain about something, it would be the lack of character development. There is a fight scene near the beginning whose purpose is to show off his warrior friends, but how much can you get to know about a person in a fight sequence?   The action of the movie takes place in New Mexico (hot, dry, dusty, middle of nowhere,...) and in A_____, the home of the gods (pretty much what you would expect from a place built by gods.Beautiful, technologically/magically advance)  The contrasts between the two locations as they went between the story lines was an interesting juxtaposition. It was a fun film, and I would recommend it to others.  If you see it in the theater, make sure that you stay until the very end of the credits.  The studio has tacked a trailer for another movie on the end. While this clip relates to Thor, it is actually part of a different move called The Avengers.  The credits ended by stating that "Thor will return in the Avengers"  We of course went and looked it up.  I think that "The Avengers" are the Marvel version of "The Justice League"  The movie will feature Thor, Captiain America, (which means we will need to see his movie) Bruce Banner (the Hulk). I think that there was one or two others, but I can't remember who. 


  1. John says: "How can you be so wrong?!" and many other random and boarding insulting things stating that you should know more about comic-book-dom in a very sarcastic voice. But we all know that that's just him.

    I say: In answer to your not quite asked question regarding, A_____. It's Asgard. The home of the Gods where Odin rules...
    I love Norse mythology. I love Vikings... and it helps that every time a movie like this comes out John pulls out his Marvel Encyclopedia (which I have been informed, "Is really out of date.") and gives me what he likes to call my Superhero a night lesson. So before bed, instead of reading our scriptures like good people would do, he tells me about a random superhero or villan or whoever he happens to open the book too. I know! Pure excitement right.... um... It also helps that we have watched very cartoon/animated movie/etc/etc about super heroes for as long as we've been married.
    Well. Nevertheless, THOR is one of his favorites so I have been hearing about him for years now so there was nothing surprising to me in the movie. I love Loki. I think I liked him the best.
    The Avengers are: Thor, Captian America, The Hulk, and Ironman as the main characters. If you watch all the recent movies for these heroes there is a lead in into the next character to be introduced. It's pretty awesome. Yes, The Avengers are to Marvel as the Justice League is to DC. The Avengers Movie will come out next summer 2012. The screen play was written by Joss Whedon.
    We're pretty excited about Captian America next month. (Another of John's favorites.)
    Wow, I sound like a comic book geek. I need to get out more. Or read more. Whatever...

  2. oh, and Pirates was pretty awesome.