Friday, October 12, 2012

More Alphabet Dinners

With 30 days in a month and 26 letters in the alphabet, I thought we could get through all the letters in a month.  Maybe a month and a half.  Here it is Two months later and just a little past half way. 

I - Ice Cream - We had this for desert with our fresh peach pie.

J- Jello

K- Kale -I made a Olive Garden copy-cat soup.  The one with the potatoes and sausage.  I can never remember the name of it, but it is my favorite.

L - Lemonade

M- Mashed Potatoes -I was going to have sauteed Mushrooms, but I didn't make it to the store.  I did get them about a week later, because yes Mashed is an adjective describing the potatoes which starts with a P!  We do have Milk almost everyday, so I guess we could count that too.

N- Noodles - I think in the form of spaghetti, but I can't remember now.

O- Olives - We ate these at a party.  I was going to also go out and get some Onion Rings or a Onion Blossom, but it hasn't happened yet.

P- Peas in our Tuna Casserole

Q- Crab Quiche - I couldn't think of an ingredient that started with a Q.  Quiche was actually the only thing edible that I could think of for Q.  I don't know where to get any Quail. 

R- Rice -I think I served this with my home canned sweet and sour sauce.

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