Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Bear Lake Pictures

  When I first wrote about our trip to Bear Lake I only had the pictures off of my camera and they were almost exclusively the day at the beach.   I finally went though Thomas' camera, who had some of the campground as well.

Our Site

The kids made a "fence" with the tent stakes.  They had a lot of fun.

Breakfast and a little mischief 

And those pesky squirrels.  Did I mention that one of them ran of with half of Isabelle's abandoned breakfast?  I know that I told about them terrorizing the food box and my chocolate bar!

 I had forgotten until I went through the pictures that we had a flock of wild turkeys run through camp.  I didn't even know there was such a think still as wild turkeys.  At first there was just one, then I saw another and another.  I think there was seven or eight all together.  Thomas chased after them with his camera.  He got some pretty good shots, but they were on their way somewhere and didn't stop to pose.

 Once we were dressed for the beach, everyone was excited to get in the car.

This was how I made lunch at the beach.  Most of our stuff was being stored in the back of the van, so we had it all with us, except the plates. Amazingly only one of the pieces of bread fell on the ground. 

Isabelle is still talking about the trip and asking when we are going to go to the lake again.  I told we probably could next summer. 

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