Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome November

We have apparently entered that time of year known as the holidays.  It is a time characterized by its super busyness.  I have several posts planned, which I have not had time to actually do yet.  Remember several months ago when I mentioned that we were working on our basement?  Well it's making progress, and I have a few pictures to prove it.  I have tried to do some yard work that needed to be done before it got cold, and I have mostly succeeded.   I still owe my mom some weeding for help on a certain princess dress which needed to be done in time for a recent holiday.  There are also pictures of that.  Last week was also the end of the term, which meant lots and lots of grading. My 8th graders turned in essays right before the end of the term, so I spent my fall break reading papers and sewing.  My toddler is also getting to be a handful.  He suddenly seems taller and is getting into things I don't think he should be able to reach, my alarm clock for example.  Today he was playing with my keys while we loading everything after school.  I had set him on the sidewalk next to the car.  He walked over to the car and tied to stick my car key in the key hole on the door.  Where did he get so smart?  Then while we were getting ready for bed, he tried to turn on his sister's lamp.  He thought he was such cool stuff.  I am hoping that things settle down a bit, but I am sure that they won't.  There is the basement to paint, a wedding to prepare for (which happens to be out of state), NAL practices start next week and I am still recruiting ( I have just over half the students I need for a full team), and of course as mentioned... the holiday are upon us.   I hope that everyone's lives aren't quite so hectic, and if they are.. well have fun.  Does it really matter if the laundry get done and the kitchen gets cleaned? Because it might be February before my life settles down again.

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