Sunday, November 13, 2011


I don't know why it takes so long to get things done.  I was going to post this a long time ago, but we have just been too busy. Now the details are all a little bit hazy.  October went by so fast.  I don't know where the month went.

On the 22nd my Mom had a party for the grandkids.They got to pick out a pumpkin and paint it.  Isabelle loved it; although, her painting skills are still mostly in the blobs of color phase.  She is starting to make actual pictures with her crayons though.  A big step forward in the life of a young artist.  We also played some games and got lots of candy.  I mentioned before that I actually sewed Isabelle's costume, so there was a fair amount of time spent doing that the last bit of the month.  I ran out of time to get things finished up, and my mom ended up hemming it for me.  I thought that it turned out very nice.  Isabelle wore it to school on the 28th for trick-or-treating in the office and counseling center.  In the afternoon, the kids who don't take naps also got to go to the seminary building for more candy.

Saturday we headed up to Thomas' grandma's house for his family party.  It is usually just pumpkin carving and food.  I had picked Thomas out a really nice large pumpkin from my mom's patch.  I didn't know it, but they had a bunch of heirloom pumpkins planted back there too.  His pumpkin was either one of those, or it got crossed with a gourd.  It had a woody layer before the regular squash layer. It took him a long time to get anything done.  He ended up bringing it home and cutting the patter in with his drummel and then cutting it with the regular pumpkin tools. He made a lion in honor of Africa.  It turned out really nice.

Monday I had to go to work, but the kids didn't have daycare because it was the end of term teacher work day.  They hung out at my sister's house.  I got home about 3 or 4 and made dinner. By about 5:30 it started getting dark and a few kids were out and about.  Isabelle was a princess. We borrowed a couple of poofy skirts from her grandma to act as slips and fluff the skirt of her dress out a little bit.  I didn't have time to make a second costume, so Tristan had the choice of a tiger or a cow.  The tiger was a 6 month costume.  We got it on him, but it was a little bit tight.  The cow was a little bit big.  When I made it three years ago for his sister I made the tail so that it was just barely not dragging on the ground.  His tail was dragging quite a bit.  We had a hard time getting him to keep the hood on, and he managed to pull off one of the ears.  They went out with their dad, while I stayed home to hand out candy.  They came back with a pretty good load.The princess needed a potty break, and the cow was getting cranky.  I went out with the princess to traverse the top half of the neighborhood.  She was so excited about running from door to door and collecting more candy.  She ended up with way more candy than she needed.  We didn't do too much restricting, and it was gone within a week.  She keeps asking when it will be Halloween again.  Not for a while I tell her.

Apparently only half of the camera download worked.  I will add more pictures soon.  Right now little boy needs to go to bed, so I must sign off the computer.  

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