Friday, August 12, 2011


One of big events in our lives this summer was Thomas going to Africa.  He was gone for almost three weeks during July.  He went on Safari with his Aunt and Uncle.  He was his uncle's photographer, or at least that was the excuse.  We were of course very sad to have him go. Really though, could we tell him he shouldn't go to AFRICA just because we would miss him? He had a great time and took approximately 16,000 pictures. Did I mention that he could only take 33 lbs. of luggage and his camera bag weighed 16lbs. He took a special lens he rented which let him get amazing close ups without having to become lunch.  Since he returned, we have enjoyed learning new things about animals we have only seen in zoos, and hearing about the amazing sights.  He spent most of his time in Kenya and Tanzania although they visited a couple other countries as well.  In total they traveled about 1,800 miles.  He saw the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria, and Victoria Falls.  As much fun as it was, he was glad to come home to his family who loved and missed him. 

Grandma made Isabelle and I pillow cases with African animal prints so that we could think of daddy while he was gone.  Isabelle loved hers and had to take it with her when we weren't going to be home.  We said good-bye on Saturday and that Monday we went camping for a week.  We had  a few at home which was hard, and they didn't got very well.  Some of us might have been a little bit cranky.  However we got to go to My Grandma's house for our Family reunion the last few days of the week (Which is one of those things I haven't had time to post about yet.)   The next week we were busy trying to clean the house and finish up projects we had planned on doing while Thomas was away.  Only some of it got done before we headed to the Airport that Wednesday to pick him up.   It went by much faster than I thought it would, and as much as I wanted him home, I kind of dreaded it because that meant that summer would get closer to it's end. August would almost be here. 

Before he left, everyone helped Daddy finalize his packing, and then we stopped at Wendy's for lunch before heading for the airport.

To see some awesome pictures of African Animals and other stuff check out Thomas' flicker page.

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