Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family Reunion at Mount Pleasant

It was a Taylor year for the family reunion.  Aunt Lucy's family were in charge.  They own some property down in Mount Pleasant and were able to use the group site for the reunion.  We have the Taylor reunion every two years.  This is my grandmother's family.  She had eight siblings in her family, so there are a lot of people who come.  It isn't as many as it could be because not everybody comes.  It seems like it is often the same people who do come though.  I enjoy the reunions, because I get to connect with some of my favorite people.  It is sad though to see some of  older family members aging and getting frail.  My grandma came, but my grandpa didn't make it.  He just wanted to stay at home.  There were also a lot of younger people that I had no idea who they are.  You figure though that this reunion has my grandparents and siblings as the first generation, my mom and her cousins as the second, Me as third generation, my kids the fourth generation, and a couple of the families are close to a fifth generation. Not many people know their second cousins the way we do.  My niece became best friends with a girl who is her third cousin.  How cool is that. 

The reunion was supposed to be what my sister was waiting for to move.  Her original plan was to stay for the reunion and then more the Monday after.  My nephew Paul ended up having to have surgery (I will do a post about that soon.)   The surgery was Monday and the Reunion started Wednesday, but they said we could come up any time.  My mom ended up spending most of Monday with my sister up at Primary Children's Hospital, so nothing got packed.  The plan was to leave Tuesday afternoon.  That became Wednesday early, which ended up being Wednesday Afternoon.  I was driving separately and so was doing my own thing.  I was always planning on leaving Wednesday morning.  It still took me longer to get ready than planned as well.  It ended  up that we were both ready to pull onto the freeway at about the same time.  I had to wait a couple of minutes.  After getting on the freeway, my parents almost immediately pulled over.  Turned out they had a flat tire on their trailer.  They had to put on the spare, then stop at a Big-O to get it fixed.  I didn't wait for them.  I ended up getting there about an hour and a half before them, but I still missed the group lunch.   My biggest complaint about the reunion was that there were several things planned for the first day, that we missed out on because we weren't there first thing in the morning.  I thought the first day was mostly just going to be setting up and visiting.  We did have fun though once we got there and got everything set up.  We did spend the majority of our time sitting around visiting.   Thomas came up thursday night.  It was nice that he could come at least part of the time.  

Friday Morning they went into town for some horseback riding. Thomas took his camera.  Isabelle was not afraid of the horse at all and had a great time riding.

Grandma got to ride as well.  She took the horse for a gallop.  

Friday evening we made s'mores over my cousin Aubry's camp stove.   Saturday we just packed up and went home.   It was a lot of fun. Although Isabelle said she didn't have any fun.  She wanted to go "mountain camping."   A big field was not her idea of camping.  Also, I think there were too many people for the kids.  They were both a little cranky.    I was a little irritated that I forgot my camera.  Thomas didn't take very many people pictures  (expect the 50 pictures of the horse ride.)    I will need to get my mom's pictures.  Maybe I will post some of those when I get them. 


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