Saturday, February 18, 2012


So we have a new obsession at our house.  Some of us are more obsessed than others.  It all started a couple of months ago when I was shopping.  I was walking down the Lego isle when I saw a cute little house. It had a basketball hoop in the driveway and a satellite  dish, and I just thought it was cute.  But then next to it I noticed a cabin.  It was also cute, and I thought this would be the closest I would get to owning a real cabin for quite some time.  It ended up on my Christmas wish list.  I didn't end up getting it for Christmas, but Tristan did get several  sets of Duplos.  We had fun playing with them, but there wasn't enough of them for him and his sister to play together nicely.   I started keeping an eye out for Legos.  Being post Christmas, most of the stores had very little.  I even had a gift card for Toys R' Us that was expiring, but couldn't find anything.  We ended up getting some of the new Friends sets that I had seen on Legos web site.  I love them.  I think that they are adorable.  There is nothing that says that Legos are boy toys, but most of the sets are more boyish.  These new ones are designed for girls.  Isabelle got two of the small sets she is supposed to be earning by keeping her room clean.  About mid-January I was sick and a little out of sorts.  We had to get something at Wal-mart, I can't remember what, and we made a small detour down the Lego isle.  They happened to have my cabin, which I hadn't seen anywhere since before Christmas.  They also had a light house, which was perfect for Thomas.  He said it was the biggest set he had ever owned and probably doubled the number of Legos he possessed. We found a bucket of Duplos to give Tristan more variety, and Isabelle got another one of Friends sets, a stage with a grand piano.  We went home and had a family lego day.  It was really fun and not a bad way to spend a sick day. 

That was our new Legos, but I was also obsessing about my old ones.  I got them out to show Isabelle.  I also borrowed my sister's old 1970's sets, which remind me of the new Friends sets.  Isabelle really enjoyed playing with them.   There was a website I had come across a few years ago that had the instruction booklets for old sets.  I tried to find it again.  At first I couldn't find it. It had moved and had a new name, but I did find it. They have almost all the sets. It was a lot of fun looking at different sets.  I did have problems finding my set.  I didn't know what it was called.  It had animals instead of the regular Lego figures.   The series was called Fabuland.  It  was made from about 1979-1988.  I had the town hall. They did have the instruction manual, but it is in German.  The sets were really cute.  I wished I had gotten more of them when I was little, but then I realized that I played a lot with my brother's Legos, and getting more of my own would have meant getting less barbie stuff.  I guess at the time I liked the Barbies more.  I was able to build my set, but I am missing a few important parts.  Probably one of the biggest problems with Legos is missing parts. 

                                           This is the set Isabelle wants for her birthday.

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