Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good-Bye Summer

I thought that today was the fall equinox. It turns out that it isn't until Friday the 23rd.  I guess that means that I get two more days of summer!  It wasn't a supper exciting summer, and we didn't get to do a lot (unless you counting Thomas' trip to Africa in that we.)  However, we still managed to have some fun just hanging around at home.  I thought as we say good by those warm laid back days I would share some of the random pictures I had of summer fun. 

 First off we have the day we picked apricots (yummy! Isabelle keeps asking when there will be more on the tree.)  The tree has gotten a little bit big and unmanageable.  I decided to try out an idea I had last year.  What if we held a sheet under the tree while some shook the tree.  That would work great wouldn't it...

 Well, it kind of worked.  We got some of the fruit we wouldn't have otherwise been able to get.  Us sheet holders, however, did sustain a few injuries from being pelted by falling fruit.

We also enjoyed piggybacks,


 and Popsicles.

Sometimes we just sat around playing video games and having snacks.  



 Occasionally, we even dressed up.

Even though there are lots of things to look forward to in the fall, I will still miss the summer.  We wait for it all year, and then it is gone so quickly.  It is amazing how time flies.  Before you know it, Christmas will be here, then Valentines, and Easter with the return of  flowers and insects.  Then yes, once again, summer will be here.

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